What carriers do you recommend for shipping film to the lab?

FedEx and UPS provide online tracking numbers, for those who want more security (including us). We offer both FedEx and UPS inbound shipping labels through our Online Order Site when checking out that you can use to ship film to the lab.

However, USPS is the most economical way to go.

For International packages DHL is a great option for many areas around the world! We also see international post, which in some countries is very reliable (AusPost and CanadaPost get great reviews from our clients!) Please note on the outside of the box that film is inside.

Learn more about x-rays and film in international shipping/travel.


  • Package your film in a zip lock bag.
  • For orders that you need a little quicker, us Next Day or 2 Day shipping.
  • Use a box to ship your film instead of a padded envelope.
    • Include some padding (news paper, packing filler)

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