How do I prepare my images to print?

  1. Images should be saved as JPEGs with a lowercase extension (.jpg).
  2. They must be saved in RGB color space (not indexed color or CMYK) with an sRGB color profile (not Adobe 1998 or Pro Photo).
  3. They should generally be sized to 300 DPI at final print size. There are some exceptions where the DPI can be as low as 150 depending on the image quality, paper type, and viewing distance of the final print.
  4. Image names must be no more than 25 characters long and cannot contain any special characters such as these: ! * ) & $ ' , ( . Only letters, numbers, dashes and underscores are accepted. Additionally, the names of the folders that your images are stored in cannot contain these special characters, either.

Also check out the Road Map to Print Resolution as we explain more about DPI and viewing distance as well as suggested print sizes for your Medium scans!

Richard ROES Application is available both on the web or desktop application so when you are ready to place that order here we have a tutorial video that walks you through placing your order.

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