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Why should a photographer pay for the outsourcing of digital post production?
Let’s face it: even people who can deftly manipulate F-stops, shutter speeds and lighting angles can be all thumbs when a mouse is involved. And there’s little more frustrating than staring blankly at a screen at 2 a.m., wondering why the colors still don’t look right. Many find that allowing us to sweat that for them removes hours of useless toil and stress—regardless of whether they're a film or digital shooter.

Isn't it expensive to outsource post-production work?
Actually, we think you may be surprised how reasonably priced this service is. And when you do the math and understand that spending less time on the computer allows you to shoot (and bill) more, you may find that it makes perfect sense for you.

Why are your post production prices higher than other labs I've seen?
Our team is highly skilled at what they do. We don't just hire any kid off the street that has some photoshop experience. We're professionals and our production team goes through a rigorous interview process before we can determine whether or not they're a fit for our team. We have years of experience, and work with all levels of photographers.

Another reason why we're priced differently than other labs is because we take the time and energy in determining your style and how you like your images to look. We've flipped the lab model here, we're correcting to YOUR specs, not just ours! Take that one step further and you've got yourself a Color PAC.

Let our team know if you have any questions by emailing or calling 661 200-5300 Monday through Friday between 9AM and 5PM PST (excluding holidays).

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