Small Font, Hard to see ROES Client on 4K Display

If you are experiencing display issues of the ROES client on your 4K Monitor this is caused due to scaling problems with ROES and Windows, but there is a way to fix it! Just follow the steps below and you will be good to go!

  1. Open a Explorer Window (Windows Key + E)
  2. Navigate to your Local Disk (C Drive on most computers)
  3. Go to the FolderĀ C:\Program Files (x86)\ROES
    1. You will see a folder called RichardPhoto (it might contain a long string of numbers as well). Open this folder image
  4. Right Click on ROESWebStart.exe and select Properties
    1. In the Properties window select Compatibility tab.
    2. Make sure the Change high DPI settings button is selected image
    3. Set the dropdown field to read "System" and not Application
  5. Click Ok! Then click Apply and Ok.

Once it is saved you can relaunch ROES and it should load properly for your resolution.

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