Why aren't my film jobs completed in the same order I sent them?

At Richard, every order is completed as fast as it can be! This means that you might receive your completed jobs in a different order than you sent them.

For example, if you sent in an order of 20 rolls and then sent in an order for 3 rolls the next day, you might receive the scans for your order of 3 rolls first (even though it was sent in after the order of 20 rolls).

Variables that influence how long it takes to complete any given order are:

  • The number of rolls you send—high roll counts take longer to complete.
  • The quality/consistency of your exposures—film that needs extra love and attention from our scanners to achieve the best results will take longer.
  • The size of your scans—large scans take a bit longer to produce and go through our quality assurance checks, especially for black & white film.
  • Special requests—things like roll numbering, toy cameras, cross processing, pushes/pulls, and applying a color profile you built with us through the Color PAC process can all add to your turnaround time.
  • Your shipping method—the earlier in the day your film gets to the lab, the faster we can get it into production. We recommend Priority Shipping with FedEx.

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