What are the sizes of Richard's film scans?

Richard has three sizes available for our Noritsu and Frontier scans:

Small / Web Scans
3 – 5mb per image
Noritsu: approximately 1250 x 1800 pixels
Frontier: approximately 1025 x 1450 pixels
Good for small prints and digital viewing.

Medium / Universal Scans
12 – 18mb per image
Noritsu: approximately 2070 x 3000 pixels
Frontier: approximately 2050 x 2970 pixels
Most popular! Best for all around work.

Large Project
30 – 45mb per image
Noritsu: approximately 3400 x 4900 pixels
Frontier: approximately 3350 x 4550 pixels
For special projects that require large prints.

Learn more about the megabyte measurement of your image files here.

If you are looking for larger digital files for special projects; contact our team by email at info@richardphotolab.com and let us know what your needs are and we can help you with other options for large digital files.

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