About Film Scanning at Richard Photo Lab

Here is some helpful information as well as some links to more in-depth information about film scans!

First, some film scan basics:

  • Making skin tones look good is our first priority when scanning film
  • There are limits to what we can control in scanning—mainly, we control color balance and lightness/darkness

Click to learn more about myths of film scanning!

Just because there are some limits in scanning, you still can specify your preferences to help guide the lab towards your ideal color balance and lightness/darkness. Follow these steps for how to request your film scan preferences.

Questions about why your scans look like they do? The first thing you should do is look at the Film Report PDF that comes with your scans. The Film Report will help you understand more common film and scan issues and will identify if rolls that were scanned exhibited any of these issues. If you have received your negatives back, then we encourage everyone to “read” their film exposures to help understand how exposure correlates to a final image!

We are here to help and happy to answer any questions you have. Our team is available via email at info@richardphotolab.com or phone at 661-200-5300.

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