Why did ROES quit unexpectedly on my PC?

When installing ROES, or trying to re-launch ROES, it may stop and display an error saying ROES Web Start has quit unexpectedly. When this happens, you'll also see a long list of information about the issue, and you'll be asked if you want to try and reload it.

1. Don't relaunch and close any attempt at launching the program currently running

2. First, select the window start button at the bottom left of the screen and select 'Computer'

3. Next your going to navigate to this path
C:\Users\________ <- your user name folder

4. Then double click on the folder .roescache and delete the following files

  • nonce
  • cachemap.properties

5. Then in the same folder double click 'RichardPhoto' and delete the following files inside

  • rpl_templates.enc
  • RichardPhotoConfig.xml

6. Next your going to select the back button 2 times to be at step 3 location (C:/Users/________<- your user name folder)

7. Lastly, double click on folder .RichardPhoto and delete all files *EXCEPT 'saved' and 'queued'*

After clearing the above files, relaunch the ROES Application.

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