Why did ROES quit unexpectedly on my Mac?

When installing ROES, or trying to re-launch ROES, it may stop and display an error saying ROES Web Start has quit unexpectedly. When this happens, you'll also see a long list of information about the issue, and you'll be asked if you want to try and reload it.  Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

1. Close any ROES installation windows that may be open.

2. In the finder click Go > Go To Folder


3. Type this folder location: ~/.roescache


4. Once you're inside the .roescache folder, delete the following files:

  • nonce
  • cachemap.properties


5. Double click 'RichardPhoto'


6. Delete the following files inside .RichardPhoto

  • rpl_templates.enc
  • RichardPhotoConfig.xml


7. Next, we'll use the finder to navigate to the .roesenginecache folder. Click Go > Go To Folder


8. Type this folder location: ~/.ROESEngineCache


9. Delete everything inside the .ROESEngineCache folder


10. Lastly, we'll use the finder to navigate to another .richardphoto folder. Click Go > Go To Folder


11. Type this folder location: ~/.richardphoto



12. Delete the following files inside .RichardPhoto:

  • RichardPhoto.Properties
  • mytemplates.xml.enc
  • colors.xml
  • roeslog.log
  • customer.xml
  • shipping.xml
  • roeslog.zip
  • queueindex.enc
  • paymentinfo.enc



After clearing the above files, go to your Applications folder and try to launch the app.

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