Which scanner would you recommend I use for my film images?

Like many of our products/services, this all comes down to personal preference! Richard wrote a blog that explores some of the differences—read it here.

If you’re fairly new to film, we recommend starting with the Noritsu scanner, because it:

  • is a newer, faster machine
  • is less expensive
  • can produce larger files
  • produces an enhanced pixel structure that lends itself to artificial rez’ing up in Lightroom/Photoshop (for creating large prints)
  • provides better control of results for underexposed & overexposed film

In addition, black & white film is scanned exclusively on the Noritsu because the Frontier can produce muddy black & white scans. We also recommend that Portra 160 and Ektar 100 be scanned on the Noritsu, as the Frontier can sometimes produce digital artifacting with these films.

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