Troubleshooting Your Richard Account

Create Your Account/Login Credentials – Whether you are a new or returning customer, you will need to create login credentials. This includes a primary email and password to sign in and place orders for both film services (via Richard's Online Film Ordering) and print (via ROES).

Create your account credentials here.

Forgot Password – To reset your password, click here. Please note, if you haven’t previously created a login & password for your account, a reset link will not be sent to the email you entered.

Returning Customers: Error Message – If you used ROES before 1/1/2018, you may see an error message the first time you open the software again. It will look similar to this:


If you see this error message, simply click "Check My Information" to proceed to the ROES login page. Then, enter your email and password to sign in to your account.


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