Why are the colors in my prints different than the colors I see on my computer?

Uh-oh! This probably means that your monitor is not calibrated.

We realize that photographers can be very particular about color when it comes to their imagery, so we offer two printing options for Photographic Prints: 1) Lab-Corrected Prints, which are adjusted by a member of our digital team using their best judgement to improve overall density (lightness/darkness) and color, and 2) No-Correction Prints, which are printed without any adjustments—they give the photographer full control over EXACTLY how the hues, saturation, and density appear in print. 

All professional labs recommend you calibrate your monitor when ordering non-corrected prints because all computer screens display colors differently (due to screen display settings and lighting conditions—more on that here). We recommend purchasing a color calibration kit for $5, available in both the “Store” catalogue and “Cart” in ROES. This kit will help you adjust your monitor setting so you get a clear picture of exactly how your image will appear in print—think of it like a pair of glasses that adjust your vision to see things as they truly appear!

If you do not want to calibrate your monitor, we suggest ordering Lab-Corrected Photographic Prints, which are adjusted for best color and density on our printers.

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