What is the difference between Kodak and Fuji matte photographic papers?

Like many of our products/services, this all comes down to personal preference! We recommend ordering Richard’s Paper Sample Pack to compare color and black & white prints on all of our photographic and fine art papers. Sample Packs are available for purchase in both the “Store” catalogue and “Cart” in ROES.

Matte photographic papers are awesome—they have a high-end feel, they make skin tones look epic, they’re a little bit silky to the touch. But, have you ever noticed that from print lab to print lab, and from brand to brand, the definition of “matte” is different? The problem with the term “matte” is that it is a totally subjective and relative term.

Richard has created our very own rating scale, so you know just how matte “matte” really is! Richard offers both Kodak and Fuji matte papers, in addition to Kodak lustre and Fuji Deep Matte.





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