The ROES app won't launch, help!

Issue 1: I get an error that says "ROES Webstart Quit Unexpectedly"

Solution 1: You may be trying to open or install the application twice at the same time. Make sure to close any instances of the app, give your computer a second or two to catch up, then try to launch the application again. 
If you continue to get this error please send a screenshot to along with your phone number so we can contact you to help you out. Or give us a call at (661) 200-5300.


Issue 2: The app seems to install and start to open but, it doesn't actually open. It gets stuck in the "Creating Products" or "Done" phase.

Solution 2: This issue can pop up after an attempted re-install of the application, an update on your system, or after some old data got cached and isn't being deleted. Please give our awesome customer service team a call and we will be able to help you out (661) 200-5300.

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